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Surreali ed extra colorate, instintive e dall'aria vintage: ecco alcuni degli scatti più belli rubati alla community della più famosa app per smartphone. Ne avete scattate voi di bellissime? Mandatecele!

08. June 2013 | di Valeria Saltari

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Elk Grove’s Faith Marie Lopez gets paid to make companies, products and even tourist destinations famous with Instagram. In a little more than a year, for instance, she’s expanded the Instagram reach of the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau to 25,000 followers from just 200.

24. January 2015 | Cathie Anderson

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Special Edition: Presenting the winners of PR Daily's 2014 Social Media Awards. Social Media is everywhere. It is used by most. It is mastered by few. In early 2014, we put the call out and asked you to show us why you belong on that elite list of social media masters. The entries came in from around the world. Social media leaders sent their most creative, distinctive, edgiest work.

This year’s special edition saw social media master-minds match Ikea product names with the names of death metal bands, tweet with mittens, stir up love “outside of the cup,” introduce draft-beer Jelly Belly jelly beans, appeal to 300 million empowered young people, and many other fantastic examples of social media mastery.

 29. Jan 2014 | PR

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Faith Mari (@FaithMari) ; Lover of traveling, inspiration, and living a quality lifestyle. As a well known Instagrammer (@instagram) she has used her creativity, vision, and hard work ethic to become one of the most successful social media specialist around. Named one of Vanity Fair’s Top Ten Instagrammers, Faith Mari has made quite a name for her self locally in a Sacramento, as well as internationally. Faith Mari holds true to the importance of having a quality lifestyle built on health, helping others, and living happily.

19. Mar 2015 |

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Today's episode brings me to ThinkHouse Collective to chat with Faith Lopez. As a social media specialist and photographer who loves to travel, Faith has built a career around her impressive ability to build and grow online communities. Not only was she recently named one of Vanity Fair's Top Ten Instagrammers, she has also started curating and managing social media accounts for tourism bureaus and travel-related brands. Listen in as we talk about her career shift from music to social media, why travel matters to her and how Instagram has her moving beyond her comfort zone on a regular basis.


22. Jan 2015 | Jennifer E. Snyder

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There are now 200 million people using Instagram, the photo and video social network. Get this -- 20 billion pictures are shared on Instagram daily and 60 million people use it daily. One of them is here with me in studio -- Faith Lopez is one of the top Instagrammers in Sacramento with 131,000 followers.  

She curates the @VisitSacramento Instagram site for the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau and also is a classically trained pianist who has worked with the Sacramento Ballet. She is known under the handle @FaithMari -- one of the top ten Instagrammers for Vanity Fair Italy.

08. April 2014 | Kitty Oneal

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CBS 13 Local News | Instagram Gives Sacramento A Chance To Shine On A Budget

In less than a year, Brandon Darnell says the Visit Sacramento Instagram account is a huge success with more than 13,000 followers. They find the pictures people post and use the best ones. It’s free to them and the Instagram users get exposure.

“It gives their view on the city, because we can only do so much, and the more prospective you have, the more well rounded image of the city that is,” Darnell said.

Visit Sacramento even started a new feature other cities are copying where guest Instagramers like Thompson take over the account and show the city in pictures through their eyes.

27. June 2014 | Ian Schwartz

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@faithmari was recently voted by VanityFair Italy as one of the top ten Instagramers, she now spends much of here time voluntarily helping promote her home town, the capital of California, through the @visitsacramento account. We were lucky enough to sit down and discuss her motivations and learn a little more of what it takes to become so popular on Instagram.

02. Oct 2013 |

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We have reached September so it‘s time for another round of our Visual Interview. Many thanks for submitting so many quality pictures to our #visumate_vi hashtag. With every month that passes it becomes harder to pick only one photographer for our feature. Still we have someone really special for you. Meet Faith who is better known in the mobile photography world as @faithmari. I had the pleasure to meet her twice during her summer trip around Europe and we had a wonderful time just talking and taking photos. Faith is a very kind and warm person and it clearly shows through in her photography. Read the Interview here and have a look at some of the epic moments that she captured while travelling Europe.

02. Sep 2013 | Thomas Kakareko

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