Social media management

Empowering brands to Social Media Management is key to overall brand awareness and consumer experience which is essential in these
changing times. 

Services include
• Create brand awareness
• Community management
• Content creation and curation
• Customized social media strategy
• Optimized workflow process
• Analytics 

Influencer marketing

Marketing with influencers increases market awareness of the brand amongst focused social communities and also creates advocates of the brand. FAITHMARI along with her personal network and connection to the community can be leveraged to support your brand with focused intent. 

Services include
• Authentic brand strategy
• Original visual content
• Social Media events
• Create brand awareness
• Create unique stories


Consultation with your social media team to help create a customized social media plan geared specifically toward your business goals. 

Services include
• Content and strategy support
• Enhance social media presence
• Email and phone support
• In-person client meetings
• Speaking engagements 




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